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Super High School Level :
Physical Description :
He's muscular, but not overtly, his musculature is more toned. Lean- about 130 pounds and around 6 feet tall. Short, slightly messed up hair, streaked with very light grey-green highlights. Wears a very thin green sleeveless vest on upper body; grey tight pants that reach just above his knees. He wears footwraps on his feet that wrap up to his knees.

Famous for being a prodigy in Muay Thai, mastering it over the course of five years. He's gone on to have a nigh unbeatable streak in competitions. Has demonstrated his amazing perception and dodging abilities on numerous occasions: dodging knives and at one point, bullets.
Personality :
Serene; Not very talkative
Likes :
Sparring, plants, cold
Dislikes :
Warm places, tripping, losing, his mind
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
New Orleans, Louisana
Catchphrase :
Aw fuck
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