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Super High School Level :
Physical Description :
Has a small pack attached to her jacket containing things like everyday items, salt, and sage. Wears a glove on one arm and a golden cross bracelet on the other. Beneath the coat is a white sleeveless turtleneck and a black skirt. Is a little less than average height.
Personality :
Determined and persistent about opinions and bubbly around friends.
Likes :
Ghosts, Reading, Jokes, Friends, :)
Dislikes :
Death, Scary things, Pandas, Knives, Geometry
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
Evansville, Indiana
Catchphrase :
Live your life to the fullest, and then you can die with no regrets!
Alternate Pictures :
Profile - Adda Geist 313fzhf
Adda Geist
Adda Geist