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All about David River

Super High School Level :
Physical Description :
David is at a normal height and has a normal build - he's got enough muscle on him for someone of his age. He wears a suit and white gloves(it's his work uniform) and always accessorizes with a bright tie. He's got green eyes and light brown hair that peeks out of the sides of his hat. When he actually takes the hat off, he gets a massive case of hat hair.
Personality :
Collected and caring to those he thinks are kind enough to deserve it. Has a bit of a sense of humor.
Likes :
Colorful ties, driving, acting, Europe
Dislikes :
Silence, booby traps, little kids
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
Los Angeles, California
Catchphrase :
At your service!
Alternate Pictures :
David River
David River