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All about Laura Besley

Super High School Level :
Dirt Bike Rider
Physical Description :
Laura is pretty tall for her age at 6 feet. She's also pretty curvy, which she gets made fun of for a lot. She likes to wear knee-high brown boots, and short jeans that are probably a little too short. Laura likes to wear a simple white T and black, fingerless gloves. She thinks they make her look more intimidating. She has icy blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair, which she ties into a ponytail that sticks out the back of her white baseball cap.
Personality :
She's a playful personality, but knows when to give it a rest.
Likes :
Leather, Red-Heads, Making Friends
Dislikes :
Education, Movies, Puzzles
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
Phoenix, Arizona
Catchphrase :
This is all so silly!
Laura Besley
Laura Besley