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Super High School Level :
Physical Description :
Has a green star under the right eye and a green tear under the left. Sleeves are more so folded over than not. Wears bandages wrapped over his chest in place of a shirt. Purple and Orange striped pants. Brown boots with gold beading along the top. A very slim build, and eyes that gleam with the knowledge of travel.
Personality :
Hospitable at first glance, hides beneath it a mischievous demeanor and will do whatever it takes to protect himself and his friends.
Likes :
Sweets, Animals, Stunts, Zoopals
Dislikes :
Spicy food, Math, Airplanes, Reading and writing
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
Savannah, Georgia
Catchphrase :
Keep your chin up, or you'll never make the landing!
Alternate Pictures :
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Asher Reizen
Asher Reizen
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