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All about Eloise Rutford

Super High School Level :
Disguise Artist
Physical Description :
A mask in lieu of a headband clearly advertises her Super High School Level. She wears a tight jacket over a sweater dress, a simple outfit that's easy to change. Eloise is a converse person. She has dark grey eyes. Her hair is dyed almost constantly, or at least a wig. Her knowledge in make up art and costume allows her complete control over her appearance, but she's pretty happy just as herself. She's relatively slim, but nothing extreme, average in all aspects.
She speaks several body languages fluently, and her posture often changes without warning.
Personality :
In possession of quite the attention complex.
Likes :
Theater, Chocolate-dipped Strawberries, Pretend, Maps
Dislikes :
Math, Salad, Work
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
New York, New York. Often lies about having lived in France and Africa, among other places.
Catchphrase :
Alternate Pictures :
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Eloise Rutford
Eloise Rutford