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Post by Monobear on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:15 pm

A single monochrome bear looked at the remains of many others - most of them like it, two of them different.

"Hmph! Blew up all my doubles, huh...? Up..upupu...good thing there's one of me left!"

It walked back inside the building, giving one last wave to the lucky few to escape. It headed down the elevator, wobbling slightly. The bear wasn't used to walking far distances - usually one would hide, and a spare would pop out and continue where the first bear was.

But there were no more doubles, were there?

One last announcement sounded throughout the building.

"You have ten minutes, Richmond."

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Day 6: END Empty Re: Day 6: END

Post by David River on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:19 pm

David could hear the explosion quite clearly, and the shockwave it made could certainly be felt, but most of all what was worst of all was the void it left. He was alone, now. Alone with the five, one autonomous teddybear robot, and himself.

He slipped his gloves on and fixed his tie - a nice, blood red color reminiscent of Monobear and a certain other bear's eyes. He felt empty. Is this what despair felt like? He hoped so - because at least that meant people felt it for a reason. He walked briskly down to the elevator - there was no point in looking around anymore. He was all that was left. He got in. It went down.

The courtroom had changed quite a bit from its last appearance – its formerly garish walls were now painted a dark maroon, and seemed to still be wet. It looked almost like someone caked the walls in blood. One podium stood where the circle of podiums once was. A camera was pointed on it.

Behind the camera and out of its sight was a large, open area. The one two students died in, David recalled.

He moved up and stood ready at the podium. He realized what they were doing - it was an unspoken, yet preplanned event. The speakers crackled to life - it was Monobear's voice, but without the usual spark. It didn't seem as antagonistic. It just seemed tired.

"Any last words?"

David paused for a second. He stared right into the lens - not in anger, or in disappointment, he just stared.
"Last words?" He said quietly as the camera flipped on, "I have some."

"It's occurring to me now - and only now - why I decided to take on the title of Chauffeur. Sure, the suit wasn't far from my usual demeanor and the hat and gloves weren't a bad addition, but there was always a real reason I could never quite pinpoint. Now I can. “

“Chauffeurs help people get places. So I've always been one, haven't I? In Hollywood, they called me a breakneck. Because I broke a few necks." He shivered. He looked down at his crimson gloves, and remembered a few choice times where his hands were that color without them. "They all asked, of course. I only did it after they yelled 'Action!', of course. But I did it. I helped people get places - may it be to a top selling movie, or to whatever afterlife they believed in." He wasn't crying, but his mouth was a tight, wavering line. He took a deep breath and continued.

"I came up with the idea for all of this. Pitched it n’ everything. It was accepted happily. They knew it was going to be a hit - they knew it, I knew it, everyone knew it. We all knew we were...going places.”

“The game started. I lied about bringing people places. Acted as subservient as I usually did. Until I stopped. Until I realized - I bring people places. That's what a chauffeur does. But I could always break the rules and change the place we were headed."
He smiled a bit and looked down. He laughed a bit.  "Call me an idiot, a reject, hell, call me hopeful, but I know exactly who I am. I might not be a student here, but they all accepted me as one. So I guess I feel alright calling myself this."

He smirked. "I'm David River, the Super High School Level Chauffeur. I'm not a director, or a liar, or an actor, or a killer. I'm a chauffeur. And I help people get places."

"So I guess it’s time for me to get myself somewhere."
David River
David River

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Day 6: END Empty Re: Day 6: END

Post by Monobear on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:39 pm


"...Upupu…you ready, Davey? We decided to call this one…Director’s Cut!”

Day 6: END Title_10

Day 6: END Tumblr_mqrz2ni2mP1ruo577o1_500

David looked around. Nothing seemed…that terrible. It was oddly tame.

This ain’t that bad.

Day 6: END 410

The only new thing that the button seemed to have added was a small podium that appeared out of the ground a few meters away. There was a piece of paper on it. He shrugged and headed over, almost at a leisurely pace. There was, however, a clock ticking down from 2:00 minutes to…something, so he decided moving faster would generally be a good idea.

Day 6: END 610

He read it.

Day 6: END 710

Audition lines? That’s a fuckin’ joke, right?

Day 6: END 910

Do they expect me to do this AGAIN?

David patted his coat. Yep, it was still there. Of course it was still there. Where would it go? He peered at the clock. 30 seconds.

Perfect. Just enough time.

He felt like he should of said thanks to Herbert, but that would’ve given it away, wouldn’t it have? Besides, if the kid ever saw this…

I really hope none of them see this.

Day 6: END 1110

Huh? Why’s this thing…getting taller?

Day 6: END 1010

“Is something wrong, Davey? You seem kinda dazed! Don’t wanna listen to our every command anymore? Upupupu….!”

“Shut up.”

…yeah, this thing was definitely getting taller. He realized there was alternating black and white stripes across it, and that it was pretty rectangular and…was that a hinge…?

They fuckin’ didn’t. They didn’t.

Well, this was a nightmare. He looked up.

Day 6: END The_fu10

They did.

Day 6: END 1011

The bear laughed. “One heck of a finale, huh? Don’t worry, though, you still have…ten seconds to make a decision! Do it all over again, or give up like the whiny baby you are?”

He grinned, and grabbed his trump card from the inside of his coat.

I better remember how to do this. It’s been awhile. Thanks, Herbert!

He threw it.  The beam above his head began to fall.


Day 6: END Ouch10

“B-bastard...Gettin' the last my job.”

Day 6: END 17_b10




Day 6: END 1810

“…It’s gone offline.”

“But that was our last one!”

“But it’s over, isn’t it? And we still have the blueprints to make more, right?”

“Yes, but they’re pretty expensive, aren’t they?”

“Hmph…just air the episode. I’m sure they've been waiting.”

“So the game's over, then? That's it?”

"Yep. Game Over."

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Day 6: END Empty Re: Day 6: END

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